Best Flat Belly Diets that Work

Flat Belly Diet (also might be called a fat tummy diet) is a diet with a particular focus on slimming belly and getting rid of visceral belly fat.

There isn’t a magic bullet to make flabby belly flat overnight, and typically most diet programs suggest abs exercises to make belly flat. But what about a diet plan that fights belly fat straight?

Removing stomach flab can be a challenging task. There are two types of flat belly diets: time-limited detox programs and lifetime healthy eating strategy.

Remember, the results of every diet and nutrition plans are tied to a person’s overall health, lifestyle, and psychological condition. Hormones and cortisol levels are important factors for losing/gaining weight.

If you are emotionally upset or going through hormonal changes, pay particular attention to getting enough nutrients, sleep, and exercise.

Yet if you don’t have diet restrictions, there are great nutrition plans to take off weight, reduce middle waist inches and get a flat belly fast.

Best Flat Belly Diet

Slim & Trim Detox Plans

For centuries people used 1-day, 7-day or 10-day detox plans to cleanse the system and lose some weight. If you got a little bit obsessed with the food recently or need to lose some weight quickly, a simple detox is just right for you.

Detox plans are based on restrictions: no alcohol, no sugar, no certain food groups, and so on depending on your goal: to make tummy look flat, lose belly fat, or get rid of uncomfortable bloating and stomach ache.

There is no magic in detox plans. Usually, detox is a short-term diet plan when you stick to a few calories per meal or completely depriving yourself of food and drinking beverages that remove toxins and cleanse the colon.

As you might expect not all detox plans are healthy and not dangerous on a long-run. If you want just to slim the belly and then go to healthy balanced eating, you’ll be encouraged by the detox results.

Flat Belly Healthy Diets That Really Work

The other type of flat belly nutrition plans is a well-balanced diet that encourages natural weight loss, modifies your lifestyle, and changes eating habits. It’s more a healthy way of eating that a person could use for the rest of one’s life.

A good example is the Mediterranean diet, a proven healthy eating pattern that helps people all over the world avoid gaining fat, reduce risks for heart diseases, and stroke, feel vibrant and full of energy.

The Mediterranean diet menu includes vegetables, fish, poultry, and whole grains splashed with extra-virgin olive oil. Among other components are fruits, nuts, and a little red wine.

Nowadays, many people are great fans of the high-fat, super-low-carb Ketogenic diet. The keto diet is based on the satiating effects of fats while restricting sugar and refined carbs. Keto diet is hard as heck, but it works.

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Quitting overly refined foods like white sugar and white flour decreases visceral fat, gut inflammation, and boating. The keto diet makes your body consume fat instead of glucose as a fuel and prevents gut bacteria from overgrowing.

Defend Yourself from the Risks

That being said, there is definitely a way for you to lose stubborn belly fat. You can tailor these diet programs to your own taste. The struggle is real, we’ve all been there.

Coming into the weight loss process with the comprehensive knowledge about diets allows you to get prepared on how to avoid risks along the way to your perfect body.

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How to Jumpstart A Flat Belly Diet

Step 1. Stay Hydrated

First, your body needs enough water regularly to function normally. Constipation caused by dehydration leads to intestinal bacterial overgrowth, bloating, and stomach ache.

It might seem a no-brainer, but it is not easy to follow. We tend just to forget to drink enough water during the day.

To hydrate your system drink 1-2 glasses of detox water within the first hours of waking, and 2-3 more before lunchtime. Cleanse your system and remove toxins buildup by drinking more water!

Step 2. Make a Research

Next, you start doing research on diets to go into. This requires in-depth analysis so you can reduce risk factors for your health.

You’ll need to come up with a clear understanding of how your body functions, but you can’t do a simple search for a cookbook or a menu pdf and just start depriving yourself of foods and essential treats.

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Step 3. Determine Strong Enough Why

Once you started dieting process, stay on track and don’t let anything or anyone distract you. You have to be able to dedicate the time to yourself walking in the park or doing exercises or enjoying your evening detox tea.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, when choosing a diet or a detox program for fat tummy, your overall health is at stake. Go into the plan that suits best your lifestyle, personality, and goals. Use common sense and go for it!