Best Ways To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat

Many clinical studies show that excess belly fat can be the primary cause of many dangerous health problems including diabetes type 2, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic inflammation.

Visceral Abdominal Fat (VAF) is the most dangerous kind of belly fat that is found deep in between the abdominal organs.

Fortunately, there are proven strategies that help losing belly fat.

In this article, you will learn why visceral fat is dangerous and how to get rid of adipose tissue with effective dieting plans without exercise.

Why Is Visceral Fat Dangerous to Your Health?

Fat cells produce hormones and markers that promote inflammation, cholesterol plaque and increase the risk of chronic diseases over time.

Cholesterol plaque clots the blood in the arteries and blocks blood flow either partially or entirely. For example, it can lead to a heart attack in the coronary arteries.

Visceral fat also releases free fatty acids that move through the portal vein to the liver. Fat build-up can make liver resistant to insulin and potentially cause type 2 diabetes.

Try a Low-Carb Diet

Scientists found that low-carbohydrate diets such as the Ketogenic diet are the most effective solution to reducing visceral fat.

The extreme low-carb intake drastically reduces visceral fat by replacing carbs with fat and putting you in a metabolic state called ketosis (

Add More Soluble Fiber

Fiber can be soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber mixes with water in the stomach and gets fermented by gut bacteria into short-chain fatty acids.

Interestingly, short-chain fatty acids suppress your appetite, improves digestions, and helps you feel full for longer.

Increase your fiber intake by eating more soluble fiber-rich foods such as grains, flaxseeds, legumes, and sweet potatoes. Also, you can take soluble fiber supplements.

Add More Protein

Protein is the number 1 nutrient for visceral fat loss and saving of muscle mass.

Studies have shown that eating more protein also helps to boost metabolism and reduce levels the hunger hormone ghrelin. People who consume more protein carry less visceral fat and have a smaller abdomen circumference.

Increase your protein intake at each meal eating eggs, dairy, meat, fish, and legumes. Whey powder can be a good source of protein providing essential amino acids, quickly absorbing in the gut, and burning significant amounts of body fat.

Limit Added Sugar Intake

Added sugar has absolutely none nutritional value, provides no vitamins and minerals, and leads to rapid visceral fat gain.

Added sugar contains a simple sugar Fructose that is metabolized into fat by the liver. The liver uses fructose to build up fat storage.

Replacing fructose with starch in your diet may be an effective way to melt visceral fat fast. Simple eating more vegetables, bananas, lean meat reduces visceral fat by 10% in 10 days.

Avoid Alcohol Drinks

Several studies have shown that alcohol encourages abdominal obesity, especially in women. Like sugar, alcoholic drinks provide many “empty” calories to your body meaning it carries very few nutrients.

Alcohol affects the way your body metabolizes and stores carbohydrates and fats in the liver causing such disease as the fatty liver. It decreases digestion and lowers the absorption of food nutrients in the gut.

Avoiding alcohol is the best. However, if you cannot cut it off, drink less, avoid soda, and choose drinks low in sugar. If you plan to drink, choose low-calorie cocktails on the rocks skipping cola and sugary juices.

Avoid Trans Fats

Trans fats are trans-unsaturated fatty acids artificially produced by adding hydrogen to vegetable fats. Doughnuts, frozen pizza, snack food, muffins, pies, cakes, and coffee creamer are examples of foods that contain trans fat.

Almost 80% of trans fats come from processed foods that have an extended shelf life. Studies have shown that trans fats increase belly fat and may cause various health issues.

Add a Probiotic

Probiotics are live and active dairy bacteria that can help your gut to reduce bloating and improve digestion. Eating foods with probiotics like yogurt and kefir will help naturally flatten belly and visceral fat.

Also, gut bacteria cultures are found in supplements that affect a fullness hormone, visceral fat storage, and overall gut health.

The Bottom Line

Visceral fat is especially harmful to your health. Accumulation of VAF may increase risks of chronic disease such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Some of these include eating fewer carbs, removal of added sugar from your diet, doing more aerobic exercise and increasing your protein intake.

By following a few of the strategies, you can lose abdominal fat and improve your health:

  • stay hydrated,
  • quit junk food and high-carbs,
  • eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet,
  • control portions and emotional eating patterns,
  • restrict caffeine and alcohol intake,
  • include moderate-intensity exercise,
  • and keep breathing when in stress.

Getting rid of visceral fat can be a hard challenge, the rewards are your sexy body, good health, better stamina, and calm sleep.