How to lose belly fat over night

As many of us know, losing extra pounds requires a long and constant effort. However, we can lend a helping hand to the weight loss process and… during sleep. There are, however, several tricks that help you lose extra pounds while you sleep. They are available to everyone, but many of us do not know that such trivial gestures can work wonders. You are going to burn belly fat. So here’s how to lose weight while you sleep!

Get a poor dinner in foods that contain sodium

First of all, very salty foods eaten before bed do not easily digest during sleep, causing bloating on waking. Also, as you certainly know, salt consumption determines the retention of water that promotes weight gain. Consequently, to lose weight while sleeping, at dinner opt for vegetable-based dishes, especially soups. They ensure easy digestion during sleep and also favour the loss of excess pounds.

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Lower the temperature in the bedroom

A study looked at people who slept in rooms where the temperature did not exceed 17 degrees C and where the temperature reached 24 degrees C, respectively. It was shown that those who slept at low temperatures burned 7% more calories than those who slept in rooms where the temperature reached 24 degrees C. The explanation is that when the body is in a cool space, thermogenesis is favoured, the body’s ability to produce heat, a process that involves burning calories and fat.

Keep dark in the room

The hormone that promotes sleep, melatonin, is secreted in greater amounts when it is completely dark in the room where you sleep. Researchers have found that this sleep hormone promotes the development of brown fat. Its role is to produce heat in the body when it is cold outside.

It also promotes fat burning, helping to normalize body weight. Therefore, do not sleep with any light source, no matter how diffuse it may be, and if you have street lamps, lanterns, etc. in front of the windows, use the curtains with confidence.

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Also, to stimulate the synthesis of serotonin, which turns into melatonin. You can eat foods rich in tryptophan, such as turkey, chicken, beef, fish, brown rice, nuts, milk, eggs, cottage cheese, soybeans, beans, peas, squash.

Mint smell and appetite are closely linked

When you enjoy the food you eat, its aroma reaches the centre of satiety in the hypothalamus and helps you figure out if you’ve eaten enough or not. Therefore, it is relatively easy to deceive the brain by making it believe that it has eaten enough. The most effective plant that inhibits appetite is mint. It smells like mint 5 times a day or every time you feel hungry, especially in the evening, before bed. Only this gesture will help you lose 2.5 kg per month.

Avoid the elements that get your attention

Asleep of at least eight hours without interruption increases the production of a growth hormone that breaks down fat and is associated with lower rates of obesity. To enjoy this benefit, it is necessary to rest well at night, without your sleep being disturbed by various factors. Avoid devices such as: TV Computer, Smartphones and tablets.

Do sports

Although physical exertion is not indicated before bedtime, it is important to move daily, at least four hours before bedtime. Physical activity relaxes the body, reduces stress and helps you continue to burn calories even during sleep. It is called ”afterburning effect”. Sport will help you with overall health, including the circulatory system and detoxification. It is probably the best solution to burn belly fat and keep yourself fit!

Drink tea

One of the best habits to lose weight while sleeping is to drink tea. Teas help you sleep better, relax the body and reduce appetite. The most recommended are the teas of: Muşețel Mint, Valerian, Lavender, Linden, Chamomile.

Avoid overeating

It is not recommended to sleep on an empty stomach, but also not to eat too much in the evening. The ideal evening meal should contain between 15 and 25% of the daily caloric requirement. A larger amount can cause weight gain and sleep problems. The body is overloaded during the digestive process, causing discomfort and difficulty falling asleep. But the most harmful consequence of a large meal is the slowing down of the metabolism, an effect that lasts the next day.

Avoid eating dinner in the late hours

The habit of eating dinner in the late hours is associated with obesity, because in the evening you consume less energy and you tend to ingest too many calories. It is recommended to serve this meal at least three hours before bedtime, so that the body has time to complete all digestive processes. Many diets fail because of the habit of consuming fewer calories for breakfast and lunch and much more for dinner.

These are 9 of the most handy tricks that help you lose weight while you sleep. You will become fit and lose belly fat! Give them a try and I am sure that you are going to see some improved results very fast!