How to lose belly fat in 3 days

To look fit and attractive is necessary to have a flat abdomen. Although this is not very easy to achieve, with a little food discipline and exercise, you can get rid of unsightly belly in just three days! Of course, if you have a prominent belly, the three-day diet will not turn you into a model, but it will greatly improve the appearance of your abdomen.

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How to lose belly fat in 3 days? Here are some effective methods to follow!

Day 1 – Detoxification is the secret

A flat stomach is the result of detoxification with healthy fluids. Try lemonade without sugar, natural fruit juices or fresh vegetable juices. It is important for the vegetables in question to not be preserved or processed in any way.

You mustn’t eat anything else on the day of detoxification! The first step in detoxification is to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning. The colon will get rid of residues, you will forget about bloating and you will get rid of toxins.

Then drink 200 ml of fruit and vegetable juices (organic) every 4 hours, alternating with a cup of burdock tea, dandelion leaves or red clover.

Day 2 – Diet changes

After a day of detoxification, it’s time to regain your strength with strong nutrients, which provide you with energy and zero bad fats. On this day you can eat vegetables (fresh or cooked), fruits, brown rice, oats, whole grains or quinoa and unsaturated fats: olives and olive oil, flax seeds, fish meat.

You also need lean protein, which you can get from chicken, grilled beef or low-fat yoghurt. Eat several times a day in small amounts, to facilitate digestion and avoid bloating.

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It is forbidden: white flour, sweets, balloon foods (beans, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and sour juices. They are the main factors that affect the appearance of your abdomen.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain water each day to remove fluid retained in the tissues. It is equally important to avoid starvation. If you deprive your body of the necessary nutrients, you force your metabolism to slow down to conserve energy and you do not solve anything (you even risk a drop in calcium).

Day 3 – Exercises

Do some cardio exercises for 20 minutes. Light stretches, walking or cycling, yoga or basic Pilates exercises help you burn calories faster and quickly define your muscles. Besides, sports are also useful for the optimal functioning of the digestive system, an essential condition for a flat abdomen. We recommend a Pilates exercise that you can try at home, on a thin gym mat. Alternative Knee Movement

The exercise created by Joseph Pilates with excellent effect for burning fat in the abdomen can also help you sculpt your thighs. Sit on your back with your hands behind your neck and your elbows outstretched to the side. As you inhale, simultaneously lift your head and shoulders off the floor, while raising your right leg and bringing your knee to your chest.

The left foot can be raised in the air, but it is important to keep it stretched. As you exhale, keep your head and shoulders high, but turn them to the left. Then bring your left knee closer to your chest as you inhale and stretch your right leg. Repeat the exercise 6 times for each leg. Make these exercises a habit and you will find that the appearance of your abdomen will improve with each passing day.

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Easy tricks & tips

Apple cider vinegar

How to lose belly fat in 7 days? Well, apple cider vinegar represents a real help! It can be found in any speciality store and experts say that this drink helps people quickly lose unwanted pounds. The good news is that apple cider vinegar can be consumed at any time of the day, but twice a day, for ideal results.

A study was conducted on 175 obese people, where they were asked to consume one or two teaspoons of this drink every day for three months. The results were seen after this time, because those people lost significantly, especially in the waist area, and those who consumed one tablespoon per day lost 2.6 kilograms, while those who consumed two tablespoons per day lost 3.7 kilograms.

TIP: For those who can’t stand the bitter taste of this vinegar, I can dilute it. Some people can drink it without problems, but others fail so they can dilute it with water and a teaspoon of honey. Also, it can be an excellent salad dressing.

Give up salt

Sodium in salt helps to retain water, which will make you look bloated. Water retention slows down your body burns, making weight loss much slower and more difficult. There are many foods that contain a lot of salt! Try to give up these foods and compose your diet of fruits and vegetables. This trick could be the most efficient when we talk about how to lose belly fat in 3 days!

Exercise whenever you have the opportunity

Take a walk every night when you get home, you don’t necessarily need to run or exercise every day. This kind of movement will help you burn fat and keep you in shape. In addition, such an activity will help you relax and have a calmer sleep when you return home.

Drinking plenty of water

Water is one of the most beneficial elements for our body. It is very important to always be hydrated and drink all the water you need. This will help you speed up the process of digestion or fat burning and will help you eliminate toxins. It is extremely important to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day so that your body will function more efficiently.