Top 12 Ways To Lose Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

What if you could turn off fat genes and lose weight without going on exhausting diets for months? What if you could lose up to 3 inches of your belly fat in 2 weeks?

Just making some changes in your diet and lifestyle can help reduce inflammation, make your body dropping fat, in particular, visceral belly fat, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Read on to find out how to shred off belly fat and lose up to 20lbs in just 14 days by eating the foods you love. A slimmer waist and healthy body start with the following abdomen fat-fighting tips.

Get More Sleep & Get Up Early

A 7-hour night’s sleep is one of the best methods to get rid of that excess belly for good. Adequate rest reduces the levels of cortisol that causes you to consume more food and make more belly fat storages.

While good sleep is essential, getting up early helps boost metabolic rate while catching early morning sunlight. Researchers have found that late sleepers eat more calories, have higher BMI, and more prone to obesity than the early birds.

Take a 15-minute Walk Before Breakfast

A pre-breakfast walk or a moderate-rate jog can help you drop over 10 pounds almost instantly. You will see an astonishing change in the mirror in less than two weeks.

Following recent studies, this easy early morning ritual helps to lose weight despite your age, activity levels during the rest of the day, and calorie intake.

The trick is simple – heating calories before you eat fastens your metabolism and burns off fat stores for energy. It reduces abdominal fat and improves your heart health tremendously.

Start Your Day with the Nutrient-Complete Breakfast

Make a delicious Flat Belly Smoothie by mixing the ingredients that reduce belly fat and sugar cravings:

3 oz water
3 oz non-fat Greek yogurt
1/2 cup berries
1/2 cup pineapple
1 cup kale or 1 mid-size banana

The non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt provides calcium and protein which help in building muscles, burning fat, and suppressing hunger. Berries and pineapple diminish visceral fat and provide vitamins. A cup of kale or a banana is rich in fiber that decreases annoying gut bloating and eases digestion.

Mix Up Detox Water

Start your day by making detox water filled with sliced ginger and lemons. You can also add oranges, grapefruits, cinnamon, and even black pepper for taste.

Drink two 8oz glasses of detox water before 12 p.m. and sip it through the day before bedtime. Citrus fruits are rich in the antioxidant compounds that flush out toxins and stimulate the digestive system.

Supplements Revised

Researches suggest you add some Calcium and Vitamin D to get rid of extra inches on your belly. Vitamin D helps your body absorb Calcium. So if you have a deficiency in vitamin D, it could be you’re not taking enough Calcium.

You can take Vitamin D supplements with or without food. Calcium intake can be mixed up with natural food sources such as dairy, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.

Even if you do not make any other modifications to your diet, adding Calcium and Vitamin D can help you lose more weight and belly fat.

Eat Fatty Fish

Fish protein such as in Salmon, Mackerel, or Sardines fights visceral fat and boost your metabolism. Choose the cold-water fish at the local market. It has more omega 3 fatty acids and less fat-busting omega 6s than the farmed fish.

Studies reveal that people who choose fatty fish as a source of proteins or add more omega-3 fatty acids to their vitamin strategy, lose more weight and keep it off easier than those who ignored them.

If you’re taking multivitamins every day, you should note that increased amounts of B vitamins might trigger fat genes and be the reason for obesity and diabetes.

Avoid Trans Fats

Those hydrogenated oils on your menu can increase your risk of high cholesterol, obesity, and heart disease destroying your slim belly plans.

Fill up your daily nutrition menu with healthy unsaturated or monosaturated fats found in avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds and seed oils, fish and oysters.

Many low-carb high-fat diets combine leafy greens, vegetables and olive oil to fill you up and provide all the necessary nutrients to turn on a particular state of liver – ketosis and start to burn fats for energy rather than glucose from sugars.

Eat More Fiber

The soluble fiber is a secret ingredient to a slimmer belly in no time. In fact, every 10-gram of whole grains in your menu daily can get you there faster. The recommended daily amounts of fiber (RDA) is 25g for women and 38g for men.

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that adding three or more daily servings of soluble fiber leads to almost 4% reduction in dangerous visceral fat.

Both soluble and insoluble fiber help soften your stools and can be used as a healthy source for good gut bacteria in your stomach.

Fiber also helps you feel fuller, diminishes constipation, and lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

While many people consider artificial sweeteners as a healthy alternative to sugar that helps decrease insulin resistance and obesity. However, research shows that the effects of artificial sweeteners might contribute to metabolic syndrome.

Artificial sweeteners are marketed as a sugar substitute and used as a misguided attempt for weight loss. According to Yale studies, artificial sweeteners are actually linked with higher abdominal obesity, sugar cravings, and spike insulin levels.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Dark Chocolate

A recent study discovered that antioxidants in cocoa reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and actually, prevent excess weight gaining.

Gut bacteria in our stomach ferments dark chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that lead to a significant reduction in swelling and weight gain.

Try a HIIT Workout

Instead of doing endless abs crunches, increase the intensity of your workout with 30-Minute Cardio HIIT exercises, and you’ll see results in just 2 weeks.

Intensive workout even for 15 minutes has similar metabolic changes to those who exercised at a slower pace for almost an hour.

To enjoy serious belly-slimming results push yourself hard in a high-intensity interval training. The complete Flat Belly exercise plan that delivers real results is a combination of cardio and resistance work.

It includes the following exercises:

Jump rope
Air squats
High jacks

You can do these effective workouts at home without a pricey gym membership. They are all 30 minutes or less.

Avoid Eating After 8 p.m.

The results of a study show that those mice who were eating only during an 8-hour window during the day stayed slim in opposite to those who ate the same number of calories all night and gained a significant amount of weight.

Intermitted fasting 16/8 definitely supports weight loss, belly fat in particular. Eat healthy food from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. and drink enough water, green tea or coffee to get rid of those unwanted belly fat pounds.